Without affordable and accessible OTCs, underserved populations would depend more heavily on the highest cost medical care for minor ailments.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

OTC medicines are the preferred first line of treatment.

FirstLine Medical Member Retention

Support member acquisition and retention efforts.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Access

Improving member health through access to OTC medicines.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

Provide benefits where members need it.

FirstLine Medical Member Satisfaction

Boost member health plan satisfaction.

FirstLine Medical Solutions

We’ll take care of everything.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

75% of all primary care physicians will recommend an OTC before a prescription.1

66% of consumers prefer taking an OTC medicine when available versus a prescription.1

81% of adults use OTC medicines as a first response to minor ailments.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

Sales teams consistently report that this benefit is among the top-selling benefits during acquisition.

We support sales by offering materials and health plan training of the benefit.

Improved retention across all programs as members use their benefit.

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

Each dollar spent on OTC medicines saves $7+ for the U.S. health care system.2

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

On average, U.S. consumers visit doctors only 3 times per year but make 26 trips to buy OTC products.2

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

Members are highly satisfied with the benefit and service and view us as an extension of their health plan, resulting in a Net Promoter Score of 85.3

Majority of Medicare Advantage plans that offer this benefit continue to offer it year-over-year.4

FirstLine Medical Over-the-Counter Benefit

Clients consistently express their high satisfaction with our programs, including member experience, ease of use, access and turnkey benefit management.

Our detailed reporting provides insight into member behavior, top products purchased and benefit utilization.

1 For ailments such as allergies, pain, cough and cold, and acid reflux/upset stomach. Understanding Trust in Over-the-Counter Medicine: Consumer and Healthcare Provider Perspectives. Nielsen and IMS, Mar. 2013

2 https://www.chpa.org/marketstats.aspx 2019

3 NPS score from Q4 2018 based on question: "From 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to others?"

4 Three-year comparison of health plans offering OTC Essentials from 2017-2019